Mister Guns Range

Membership Terms and Conditions

Assumption of risk

I understand the fact that the use of, discharge of, or being in the vicinity of firearms is potentially dangerous, and may result in me being injured, seriously injured, or killed and having this knowledge in mind, I fully accept the risk of coming onto and remaining on Mister Guns, LLC. property.  I agree to release and hold harmless from all actions, torts, lawsuits, etc., Mister Guns, LLC , its officers, owners, agents, employees, range officers, or any other staff. I accept and understand the above terms as a member, visitor, guest, spectator, competitor, student, or any otr capacity that I may be present on Mister Guns, LLC property.

Member privileges

A member is defined as the person who set up the account, and the only person who is a member in a single member membership type.  For family memberships, family is defined as a spouse, domestic partner, and or any minors under the age of 22 whose legal residence is with that of the member.

 Membership privileges, per membership level, are defined at the following link: https://misterguns.com/gun-range-memberships/ Mister Guns, reserves the right to change privileges at any time for the benefit of Mister Guns or the Member. 


 All initiation fees are nonrefundable. Billing will occur monthly, automatically charged to the customer’s card on file. By accepting membership you agree that Mister Guns has the right to automatically bill your account. The first month payment and the initiation fee cannot be prorated by our system, and may result in the second month’s payment being close to the first if the member signed up late in the month.  If this sufficiently bothers you, give us a call, and we can manually prorate; most folks don't mind as long as it is explained.  Member may cancel membership at any time, without penalty, and privileges will remain for the balance of the period which is already paid.  Mister Guns does not refund prorated monthly membership fees upon cancellation. After 90 days of lapsed membership, Mister Guns will require another initiation fee. Membership billing will continue in perpetuity until canceled in writing via email or other written notification.  sales@misterguns.com would be the best contact.  On some occasions, Mister Guns may elect to close the store and/or range.  This could be because of equipment malfunction or maintenance, weather, holidays, or any other reason at the business’s discretion.  Mister guns will not be responsible for any prorating or refunds for days closed. Mister Guns reserves the right to revoke membership from any customer deemed necessary without refund at the discretion of the business. 

 Range Rules

All members, guests, family members, or anyone else accompanying the member are subject to the range rules, found here: https://misterguns.com/gun-range-prices-rules/ and will sign a waiver before shooting on the range